Accelerating healthcare application delivery [Free eBook]

Learn how evolving your load balancers solve key problems and accelerate application delivery.

What’s Inside?

Healthcare IT infrastructure is extensive and complicated. It needs to connect primary and secondary healthcare providers, hospitals, patients, drug companies, research institutions, pharmacists, IT teams, insurance providers, and financial institutions.

This complex web of network, storage, and computing resources are used, owned, and maintained by hundreds, if not thousands, of different stakeholders - far more than could ever collectively be involved in a single project. So how can such an extensive IT ecosystem be modernized and future-proofed, when there are so many diverse needs and demands being made of it?

You'll learn:

Cloud migration - leveraging platforms more effectively
Interoperability - harnessing cross-functional workflows
De-risking IT architecture - simplify to reduce risk and costs

eBook: Learn how evolving your approach to load balancing critical systems could help prepare you for the future

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COVID-19 has taught the IT industry a valuable lesson: worst case scenarios really do happen. For hospitals and other healthcare organizations, the pandemic put IT systems under pressure like never before, with non-frontline staff and clinicians suddenly requiring remote access to both office-based systems and healthcare IT solutions to access and analyze critical patient data.

Improve access to critical systems
Reduce complexity and empower your IT team
Reduce costs with per-application method

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